Sunday, 3 July 2011

Say NO to Nestle

I LOVE tea, with a passion whether it be hot, cold or iced; therefore I was saddened and disappointed to hear that Nestea (made by Nestle) is actually tested on animals, namely mice  and rats.  Nestea are conducting the tests to investigate the possible health benefits linked to tea despite none of the experiments being legally required for beverage manufacturers and regulators saying that animal tests are not sufficient to prove a health claim about the product.

For further detail of the tests performed on the animals please have a look here, but please be warned it does not make for pleasant reading and I have been unable to read it all myself.

I have sent the following polite message to Nestea to ask them to stop needlessly testing on animals, please feel free to copy and paste this message into a new e-mail and send it to the addresses below:

Dear Paul Bulcke and Brad Alford, 

Re: Nestea 

I am saddened and disappointed to hear that you have decided to conduct needless tests on mice and rats in order to research the possible benefits of tea, despite the experiments being completely unnecessary and not legally required for beverage manufacturers.  Regulators have stated that animal tests are not sufficient to prove any health claim you make on your product which also adds to the utter pointlessness of your experiments. 

I will no longer buy or consume any Nestle product until you have assured me that you will cease these cruel and unnecessary experiments and I will be asking my friends, their friends and my family to do the same.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Bulcke
Nestlé S.A.

Brad Alford
Nestlé USA

Please let your friends know about this campaign and ask them to forward the message also.

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