Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Help Animals in Russia

In Russia there is no law regarding animal protection.  After a recent video showing members of the Russian Army abusing a dog, concerned citizens of Russia have been inspired to take a stand.  Complaints about the abuse have been filed but justice has not been served due to lack of legislation.

How to Help

A petition has been created, addressing Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, asking the Russian authorities to pass legislation to protect animals.  Please spare a moment to sign it here. (Warning, if you read the full description of the petition there is some disturbing accounts of abuse towards animals so you may want to skip this part - like I did - if you find it difficult)  The goal is 50,000 signatures and they are well on the way but need to reach that target to make a difference.  

Please tell your friends to sign this as well as it really will make a difference.
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