Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Save the Tiger!

Did you know that there are around just 3,200 tigers in the wild at the moment? This is an incredibly small number and unfortunately it is decreasing. Tiger habitat is being lost rapidly and poaching has increased in recent months.

We can do something about this and there is still hope for tigers. They need protection, space and food in order for number to increase.

In 57 days the Tiger Summit is being held in St Petersburg, Russia and the World Wildlife Fund need our help to get as many signatures on their petition in time for this deadline to give tigers a chance.

Action stations!

1. Please sign the petition
2. Then tell your friends
3. Then use Facebook, Twitter, My Space to show your support for the campaign (there is even a nice badge for you to display on your Facebook/Twitter profile photo showing your support)

Read more about WWF's campaign to save the tiger.

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