Monday, 28 June 2010

Something to be ashamed about.

Me swimming with the dolphin a few years ago. Yes, it an experience but at the dolphins expense :-(

Back when I was 12 years old and in secondary school I really began to become aware of issues affecting animals. One of the first things I campaigned against was animals in captivity and I focused especially on sea mammals such as whales and dolphins. A few years back I had the opportunity to swim with a dolphin in an Aquapark in Turkey, blinded by excitement and desperation to swim with this gorgeous creature I succumbed and actually paid for the privilege. I have to say that I am thoroughly ashamed of myself for doing this as I was contributing to the whole animals used for entertainment industry.

I can't even remember why we ended up in the Aquapark in the first place, I know that we went at my insistence all because I love animals and wanted to see seals, porpoises and dolphins but I really wish that I had remembered everything I knew and didn't go anywhere near the place where wild animals, who belong in the expansive oceans, are kept in confinement for our selfish enjoyment. I think about the dolphins and other animals in that Aquapark all the time and rather than simply feeling guilty for what I did, I want to make something positive happen. I want to learn from my mistakes and do something to help stop animals being used to make money from tourists.

I will never visit an aquapark or dolphinarium again (unless to protest in some form)

I have found quite a few stories about some dolphins in particular that are situated in a dolphinarium in Oludeniz near to the Aquapark I visited, these dolphins named Misha and Tom are being kept in an area of water the size of a swimming pool and were allegedly transported there in the back of a fruit and veg van without any type of support. The dolphinarium is not able to open to the public as the owner Aleksandr Kuznetsov does not have a licence.

The good news is that tourists and local people are speaking out against the dolphinarium and major tour operators are boycotting it.

Born Free sums up things perfectly and makes me hang my head in shame As long as people are prepared to pay to see captive dolphins then opportunistic facilities like this will continue to spring up. But at what cost to the dolphins?”

Born Free has contacted the owner and asked him to consider their proposal of entering the dolphins into a rehabilitation programme.

I will keep you updated and will let you know of more ways to help.

Helen Worth and Amanda Holden are some of the celebrity campaigners that have spoken out about this cause.

Please join the Facebook Group and you will find some letters to send to relevant authorities and also a petition to sign.

Born Free

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