Friday, 25 June 2010

Fluffy Friday #5

After a horrific accident nine months ago, beautiful Oscar (who looks just like Dusty) lost both his back paws after a run in with a combine harvester. Two year old Osacr is the first cat in the world to have the operation to attach new feet. Groundbreaking Veterinary Surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick operated on Oscar using cutting edge technology.

As both his back paws were severed it was unlikely Oscar would be able to have a good quality of life with just two front paws so Noel devised a way of attatching the prosthetic paws to Oscar's ankles. The operation was three hours long and used cutting edge implants which were developed by the University College London.

The implants enable Oscar to do all the things that cats love... walk, climb and run but unfortunately they are not suitable for outdoor life so he will be staying indoors for now.

See Oscar on the first episode of a new BBC show called The Bionic Vet.
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