Monday, 7 June 2010

Countryfile: Dairy Farming

I watched an episode of Countryfile on BBC One on Sunday evening, I've watched a few episodes before but this particularly sparked my interest. Not only was the Devon scenery beautiful, there was an investigation into the dairy industry by John Craven who in particular looks at the practice of killing male calves and goats at birth and asks if there is an alternative. I found it difficult to watch, especially as the report was illustrated by images of newborn goats looking absolutely adorable. However, I am glad I did see it through to the end as it was so informative and has made me think.

Each year thousands of male calves, lambs and goat kids are killed because they are male and they can't be used for their milk and their meat is not seen as a high enough quality. Some sectors are making efforts to stop calves being killed shortly after birth but unfortunately it is still a real problem for goats and sheep.

Watch it here. (Limited time only)

For more information I suggest you visit Compassion in World Farming which highlights many important issues.

Within the episode there is also an interesting report on micro pigs. They are undoubtedly adorable but I haven't made my mind up about whether or no it is cruel to breed them so small.
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