Thursday, 20 September 2012

Help Australian Sheep


I am absolutely disgusted to hear of the way millions of sheep in Australia are treated when they are not able to produce enough wool to generate profits for farmers.  PETA reports that the sheep are sold for slaughter and forced to travel for weeks on end to the Middle East and North Africa on hot, multi-tiered ships where they endure weeks of misery.  If they survive the disgusting conditions on board they then face slaughter.

Back in 2005 PETA US and Australian activists released the results of an undercover investigation which exposed shocking cruelty to sheep.  The Australian Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has insisted that the current regulatory system is working despite the fact that it was animal activists and not government officials that documented the cruelty.

Please sign this petition allowing PETA to continue to expose the horrors of the wool, meat and live export industries and to raise awareness and put pressure on decision makers to make the urgent changes needed to save the lives of animals.

Your signature really will make a difference, PETA and their affiliates have sparked an international outcry and resulted in promises of industry and government reform.  A growing number of retailers are moving away from wool from mulesed lambs or have banned it outright.

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