Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Help Mali the elephant

Mali the elephant is the only captive elephant in the Philippines, for almost 35 years she has been confined to a small, barren concrete enclosure in Manila Zoo which itself only covers up to 0.055 square kilometres.  In the wild, elephants cover territories of up to 80 kilometres every day.

Mali is unable to engage in activities that are natural for elephants such as grazing, plucking fruit and leaves from trees, taking mud baths and swimming and playing in water.  She has not met another elephant in 30 years.

PETA Asia has offered to pay for Mali to be transferred to a sanctuary where she would be able to roam freely, bathe and forage alongside other elephants - but, authorities are stalling PETA's efforts.

Please click here and fill in a few details to write to the Ambassador of the Philippines in the UK urging him to help move Mali to a sanctuary.

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