Wednesday, 11 July 2012

RIP Lennox

Image from Dogs Today Magazine.
...I really wanted to avoid having to write these words.  At 7am GMT Lennox was put to sleep, actually let's not sugar coat it - let's say how it really is, Lennox was murdered by Belfast County Council.  After two years in captivity and a lengthy legal battle by his ever loving and loyal family Lennox's life and tragic journey has ended.

The Barnes family are in my thoughts and prayers and I will never forget or cease admiring the courage, persistence and hard work that has been tirelessly carried out on Lennox's behalf, by the Save Lennox team and high profile supporters like behaviourist Victoria Stilwell.  The very sad thing is that Lennox will never know just how loved and supported he was.

He is now free from Belfast City Council's prison cell and in a better place, may he rest in peace.  I sincerely hope that all those involved in the decision to end Lennox's life are brought to justice, I have a feeling they will.

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