Thursday, 26 July 2012

Horrific Kitten Experiments at Cardiff University

It has been discovered by the BUAV that horrific experiments are being carried out on kittens at Cardiff University.  Details of the experiments have been revealed by BUAV who have reported that some kittens were raised in complete darkness and others were deprived of sight in one eye by actually having their eyelids sewn shut.  As if this wasn't cruel enough the horror continued when the kittens were anaesthetised, artificially ventilated and paralysed with a drug to prevent eye movements.  You can discover more details about the experiment at the petition link below but I must warn you that it makes very difficult reading.

The experiment was inhumane and completely unnecessary for human health.

Animal loving actor Ricky Gervais has called for an end to these experiments saying I am appalled that kittens are being deprived of sight in one eye by having their eyelids sewn shut. I thought sickening experiments like these were a thing of the past. I support the BUAV in calling for this research to be stopped.

Please join Ricky and the BUAV in calling for an immediate halt to these sickening and needless experiments on innocent animals by signing this petition.

Needless experiments like this happen frequently to all sorts of animals, please check out BUAV's website for ways you can help end the suffering of animals with no voice of their own.

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