Thursday, 10 May 2012

Save Lennox

For quite some time I have noticed people mentioning "Save Lennox" on social networking sites.  I assumed that they were talking about a person who needed votes on a TV show or something and feel mortified that I didn't realise the true nature of the campaign till the end of last week. I am now 100% behind the cause!

Lennox is a 7 year old American Bulldog Labrador Cross, back in May 2010 he was wrongfully seized by Belfast City Council Dog Wardens who plan to euthanise him.  Lennox had not committed any crime and his owners had responsibly neutered, licensed, insured, DNA registered, Pet Safe registered and micro chipped him whilst a puppy.  

The reason Lennox was seized was after Dog Wardens measured Lennox's muzzle and rear legs with a dress maker's tape measure and claimed that he was a possible "Pit Bull type breed" they sought no professional advice to ascertain the accuracy of this claim.

Lennox has not seen his family since the fateful day in May, over two years ago.  The family do not know where Lennox is being held or of his general well being, for reasons that have not been explained by the Belfast City Council.  Recently, photographs of Lennox emerged showing him dwelling in inhumane conditions which clearly oppose the Animal Welfare Act 2006.  

I can't imagine how the family must feel knowing that Lennox is living in these conditions whilst they wait the outcome of their campaign to save his life and welcome him home.

Local Belfast MP's, Animal Rights groups, Animal Welfare organisations, Vets and Dog Breed and Behaviourist experts are all behind the Lennox campaign which has quickly gone global with hundreds and thousands of supporters.  The campaign still needs more of us to step forward and stand behind Lennox and his family.

This is the Save Lennox website, please visit and read the full story as my post is simply a summary.  The website contains a list of ways you can help, complete with template letters and contact addresses.

Finally, please do sign the petition and I can't stress enough how important it is that you spread the word about this campaign.

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  1. Such a beautiful dog, this story broke my heart and still does every time I hear an update. I really hope this has a happy ending but they can never give back the two years lost between him and his loving family. A post with a good cause! x




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