Thursday, 3 May 2012

Lush V's Animal Testing

My favourite shop, Lush, hit headlines recently when they confronted shoppers with the shocking reality of cosmetics tests on animals by enacting the tests on a 24 year old woman.  Read more here and watch the live stream (although obviously it won't actually be live at this point!)

The volunteer was relentlessly smeared in creams, injected with fluid and roughly man handled by a "scientist" all in the name of progress for beauty products.  

Lush states that, "people's reactions ranged from shock and bemusement to a total refusal to engage with the suffering confronting them in the 'safe space' of a shop window.  This was a truly shocking first for the high street.  The collective horror provoked by the performance, and the resulting reflection on our own role as consumers and potential changemakers, marks an important step in telling the story of animal testing for cosmetics.  No longer can cosmetics companies hide behind the screen of secretive laboratories, their cruelty is on show for all to see."


Please join Lush and support the fight against animal testing by spending a moment of your time signing this petition.  As well as this please check out Lush products that are 100% cruelty free (and smell divine).

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