Thursday, 24 May 2012

Feeling hot, hot, hot?

Are you enjoying the weather?  How about your animals?  

Suki loves running about in the sunshine and rolling in the freshly cut grass but when we go for a walk she has to stop and have a rest and also likes to stop for a drink.  When we got home she has another long drink and a lie down, she even finds it too hot to cuddle preferring instead to lie on the cold floor.

I asked some fellow pet owners on Twitter how they keep their pets cool in the heat and a particularly good suggestion has been to soak a towel in cold water before laying it in the shade, your dog should automatically lay on the towel which will keep him/her nice and cool.  I am going to try that with Suki as think she would very much appreciate a nice cool towel to lie on, I might even try it myself!

Other tips include:

- Never EVER leave your pet in a hot car (Obviously!)
- Make sure your pet has plenty of water and access to a cool area 
- Avoid walking your dog during the hottest part of the day (Between 12 and 3pm)
- Always take water for your dog to drink whilst out walking
- Ensure animals that are kept outside are in a shady area

Please check out Don't Cook Your Dog website for advice about heatstroke and help them raise awareness to encourage other pet owners not to leave animals in hot cars.

Also read this excellent advice from Dogs Trust which contains some information you might not have thought of.

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