Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Close Green Hill

Green Hill 2001 is a company based in Italy, that breeds beagle dogs for vivisection labs.  More than 250 dogs per month end up in vivisection labs.  There are up to 2,500 adult dogs and several litters inside Green Hill.  There dogs live in closed animal shelters in row upon row of cages without natural air or light.

Green Hill's clients are University laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and trial centres such as the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences in England.

An American firm called Marshall Farms Inc have purchased Green Hill, Marshall is an infamous name throughout the world as the largest "factory" dog lab and "the Marshall Beagle" is now a standard variety.  Marshall's dogs are shipped all over the world but now with the purchase of Green Hill and the construction of a huge farm in China, more and more dogs are doomed to a life of suffering.

As well as selling dogs, including pregnant mothers, Green Hill and Marshall also offer surgical treatments on the dogs which include the cutting or removal of the vocal cords of some glands - so they cannot bark.

Basically, Green Hill and Marshall simply see animals as commodities, simply there to breed and sell.  There is no objection to the mental and physical pain and suffering that the dogs will undergo after being kept in inhumane conditions before being sentenced to torture and death.

Please join thousands of other animal lovers, including actress and dog lover Joanna Page, and sign this petition asking for Green Hill to be closed down and all dogs being held there be put up for adoption. 

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