Saturday, 14 April 2012

When Suki met Rusty

Despite adopting Suki the Staffie almost a year and a half ago it was only recently she became acquainted with Rusty the Cat.  (FYI, Rusty lives with my parents - or in Rusty's opinion my parents live with her!) Suki has been to my Parents house and stayed over on a number of occasions and although she can smell Rusty and knows she is there they have never actually met face to face, this is because we were told that Suki isn't a big fan of cats (and has a scar on her nose to prove it) so kept them separate.

All that changed during our visit home for Mother's Day weekend, an oversight on my part meant Suki casually trotted into the kitchen to check whether any of Rusty's food (or poop) was hanging around.  It wasn't just those items she happened upon, but little Rusty herself.  The rest is a blur of shouting (me), screaming (me), barking (Suki), hissing (Rusty) flying fur (both) and crashing cups of cold tea flooding the floor.  Suki was on top of Rusty and then Rusty was on top of Suki (it was like they were in a cloud of dust, just like in the cartoons I used to watch as a child) and I just remember dragging Suki out of the kitchen, somewhere quiet where I could inspect her scars and calm her down.

I must confess that I was more worried about Rusty, a small, delicate and thin but fluffy cat, rather than our well padded Staffie, however I seriously underestimated her.  When the dust settled and the tea was mopped up, I went up to check on how Rusty was.  Completely fine as it happens!  She was spitting and hissing whilst staring at the door seemingly wishing for round two.  In contrast, Suki was trembling with a sad and sheepish look on her face and a scratched tummy.  

The next day my Dad, who was first on the scene of the fight, remarked that it was in fact small, delicate and thin but fluffy Rusty that had spotted Suki ambling into the kitchen and started the whole thing!  

I think they are both sorry for how their first meeting ended and to make amends Suki is posting some yummy treats for Rusty to enjoy and says she is sorry for trying to steal her dinner (and poop).  Rusty has decided to sent Suki some of her favourite treats and wishes to apologise for overreacting and resorting to violence.

Happy Weekend everyone!
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