Thursday, 19 April 2012

Project Pig

You may remember this post back in January about the EU Directive adopted back in 2001 aiming to ban individual sow stalls in order to improve the welfare of pigs.  Sow stalls are basically prison cells and restrict the movement of pigs so much so that a pregnant sow would not be able to turn around for the duration of each of her pregnancies - around 300 days per year!  Pigs are not able to forage, explore or interact with each other which is extremely cruel, the sow stalls can also lead to serious health and behavioural problems.

Sow stalls were banned in the UK back in 2009, the EU ban is due to come into force on 1st January 2013, the ban means it will be illegal to use sow stall after the first four weeks of pregnancy and that farmers will have to keep sows in social groups until a week before giving birth.  Unfortunately, it is estimated that over half of the 27 EU nations will not be ready in good time for the ban.

CIWF launched Project Pig at the end of March aiming to "put pressure on all 27 EU nations to ensure the sow stall ban comes into effect on time and in full".  They need our help to add weight to the campaign.  Please click here and add a few details to the readily prepared letter which will be sent to Agriculture Ministers in the countries where the illegal use of sow stalls is expected to continue after the deadline.

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