Tuesday, 24 April 2012

End the Cruel Carriage Horse Industry in New York City

Image from BanHDC
It might seem like a lovely idea to ride through Central Park, New York in a horse drawn carriage, but according to In Defence of Animals (IDA) and The Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages (BanHDC), behind the romantic fa├žade there has been a series of unfortunate incidents over the past nine months which have involved injury to horses and passengers and even the death of a carriage horse.  Horses sometime collapse or become entangled in their harnesses and carriages.  Charlie collapsed and died for no apparent reason in October 2011, his death has never been explained.  

Accidents occur when a horse becomes "spooked" (frightened) and taking flight whilst dragging the carriage along with it.  In a noisy and congested city like New York there are many things that can spook a horse, this is not a safe environment.  The horses suffer every day from pulling carriages in all types of weather and then returning to a barren warehouse where they spend their dark, lonely nights after their nine hour working day.  The law allows them to work seven days per week.

Image from IDA

Please click here to read more, then please spare a moment to enter a few details at the bottom of the page to send a readily prepared e-mail to George Fertitta, the CEO of NYC & Company which is the official tourist agency for New York.

Please click here to sign BanHDC's petition supporting a ban on horse drawn carriages in New York City.

If you live in the New York area and are available on May 1st, please sign up to participate in Lobby Day where concerned animal advocates will travel to Albany and urge people to support pending bills that would ban the carriage horses in New York City.

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