Thursday, 8 December 2011

Seasonal Safety – Part Three

Are you excited yet?  Not long to go until Christmas!  Suki has been sniffing her doggie stocking since we unpacked it in our new house back in October.  Over Halloween and Bonfire night you may remember my posts on Seasonal Safety, this is the third and final instalment and I hope you find it interesting reading and a source of help to you and your pets over Christmas.

Top Tips for a Carefree Christmas

Now, I don’t mean to be a kill joy but cute Christmas costumes come in the same category as Halloween costumes I’m afraid, they are simply not suitable for most pets.  They look utterly adorable and unquestionably cute but they can really frighten and annoy animals.  It is unsafe if animals are unable to see, hear or breathe and if the costume is too tight it can cut off circulation.  Basically, costumes can be a recipe for disaster and it isn’t fair to assume that your pet wants to join in with the festivities.

Keep the mince pies, Christmas pudding and mulled wine for human consumption only, do not under any circumstances let your pet have any sweets, chocolate or alcohol and make sure that this doesn't happen accidentally either.  Sweets and their wrappers can cause choking and obstruction so ensure that you dispose or wrappers safely.  Chocolate is poisonous and can cause nerve damage and potentially death.  If your pet has eaten anything they shouldn’t have and you notice a problem, consult your vet immediately.  Ensure that you explain this to all members of your household – especially children and your guests.

You might be lucky enough to receive a lot of guests over Christmas, make sure that they are sensitive towards your pets and if you are holding any Christmas parties ensure that your animals are able to escape to somewhere safe and quiet where they can relax if they want to.

I don't know about your pet but Suki loves to chew and eat anything and everything, so keep out of reach things that may cause harm (this goes for every day, not just Christmas time)  Some things worth considering keeping your pet clear of would be, Christmas trees(!), batteries, toys, pot pourri, spray on snow.

And the final tip....

Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy yourselves and have a lovely time together!

Take care.

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