Saturday, 3 December 2011

Help give farm animals a voice

{Source: Care2}

Care2 states that those of us in the UK are paying £8 each month towards subsidies for European factory farms.  Altogether the citizens of Europe are paying over 45 billion pounds (over 55 billion euros) per year into the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).  With this money CAP does very little to protect our farm animals.  Now for the first time in 8 years these subsidies are up for review and it is our chance to give animals a voice and ensure that animal welfare takes precedent in the policy across Europe.

Click here to sign a petition addressing Caroline Spelman the Secretary of Sate for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs urging her to put animal welfare at the heart of European agricultural policy.  Once you have signed the petition you are able to share your action on Facebook and Twitter, if you have time please do this also.

Thank you.

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