Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas is cancelled for Badgers.

I was saddened to hear the Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman's announcement yesterday that badger culls in two trial areas of the UK will be going ahead in late autumn next year in an attempt to control Bovine TB.

Caroline was my MP for a number of years when I lived in her constituency, she has always responded to my numerous letters and e-mails on various animal welfare issues, I wrote to her several times about this issue and I am disappointed that she, and the Government as a whole, have ignored both science and members of the public in order to come to this decision.

In response to the announcement Humane Society International is submitting a formal complaint against the policy and stated that ministers had failed to examine alternatives to the cull and claimed it lacked "legitimate purpose" whilst posing a significant threat to badger populations.  Read what the HSI has to say here.

The League Against Cruel Sports has also expressed dismay at the decision and accused the Government of being cowardly, not acting appropriately and ignoring science, public opinion and past mistakes.  Read more from the League here.

Read my previous badger cull posts here and here to gain some background information

Contact Caroline Spelman by e-mailing her at and politely let her know you oppose the decision for a trail cull to go ahead.  

Key points to bring up in the e-mail include: 

- Why did you decide upon this action when there is a distinct lack of evidence that a badger cull would be effective? 

- How are the Government going to prosecute people that use the badger cull as an excuse for the unlicensed shooting of badgers?

- How will this effect the population of badgers?

- Which alternatives were examined and why weren't they feasible?

If you haven't already, sign this petition for 38 Degrees asking the government to re-think.

Check out the Badger Protection League web page.

Follow me on Twitter for all the latest news (I am using this a lot more lately as it is a fantastic way to obtain information and spread the word)

Thank you.

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