Friday, 28 October 2011

Rhinos in South Africa Under Threat ~ Please Act Now.


Rhinos in South Africa are under threat and needing our help due to a rise in demand for rhino horn in the illegal Chinese medicine trade.  Earlier in October HSI delivered a petition containing 31,000 signatures to the South African authorities.  The government has now launched an official consultation prompting HSI to ask for our help in convincing them that the protection of the declining population of rhinos is vital.


HSI reports that in South Africa alone (home to 70% of the world's remaining rhinos) 333 rhinos were killed in 2010 by poachers, this number is expected to exceed to over 400 by the end of this year and South Africa continues to issue permits to trophy hunters allowing rhinos to be shot legally.  Almost 150 permits have been issued this year, so far.

Even though it was suggested by the government that a suspension on hunting be considered, no action has been taken as yet and the public consultation just published neglects to mention introducing this measure.

The deadline for our comments is Sunday 30th October which leaves us very little time, we need to act immediately.  Please follow this link to be taken to the HSI site where you can enter a few details to the readily prepared correspondence to the South African Government.

Thank you.
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