Monday, 15 August 2011

URGENT Back off Badgers Petition!

 The government is consulting on their plans for the badger cull from now until 20th September which means we don't have much time to urge them to cancel their plan.

38 Degrees held a vote and 87% of participants are against the government's plans to shoot England's badgers.

Please sign the petition here and show your support for a long term, scientific approach to tackling TB in cows and against  the governments plan to shoot our badgers.  If we don't stop them, the badger shoots could begin in a just a few months time.

The government has scrapped trials of badger vaccines and are going against their own scientific advisers and launching the cull which experts say won't solve the Bovine TB problem.

Please spare just 30 seconds to sign this petition and share with your friends.  Thank you.
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