Thursday, 19 May 2011

Rabbit Factory Farm Planned in Nottinghamshire

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Hello again, I am so sorry for my lengthy absence.  Whilst I have been away I have been inundated with Animal News and campaigns and feel awful for not having the time to share any of them with you.  Things are calming down a bit for a short period so I am going to attempt to do some catching up, starting with this unfortunate piece of news that a man named Philip Kerry from a Company called T&S Nurseries has submitted two applications to build rabbit factory farms in Nottinghamshire. (East Bridgford and Granby to be precise).

This is wrong on so many levels.  Peta has described rabbits as being "sensitive, social animals who, in the wild, build intricate burrow systems and have a strict hierarchy. Confining these normally gentle animals to cages denies them everything that is natural and important to them, such as foraging for food, tending to their young and even jumping." Having owned a number of rabbits myself, I know that they are intelligent inquisitive animals who require so much more stimulation than sitting in a hutch on their own, in the dark, all day.

The farms Philip Kerry is planning would house up to 1,100 rabbits kept in wire cages, stacked three high in barns with no windows.  Once the rabbits reached 12 weeks old they would be slaughtered.  Peta has stated "This unnatural environment – which provides no fresh air or sunlight – can cause extremely painful bone disorders and foot inflammations, and the stressed animals often resort to neurotic, self-harming behaviour."

How can you help?
If you follow this link it will take  you to Peta's website enabling you to enter a few details and generate a polite message to Nottinghamshire Council asking them to reject Mr Kerry's applications.  If you can spare some time to tell your friends to do this as well it will really make a difference.

Thank you.

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