Saturday, 8 January 2011

URGENT! New Planning Application Now Submitted for Mega Dairy

The first e-mail I came across this year was an urgent request for help from several animal welfare organisations regarding the Nocton mega dairy planning application which has now been resubmitted.  (Something to jog your memory).  The Planning Department at the Council have also contacted me directly asking for my comments on the application and need them before the deadline of 11th January.  If you would like to see the letter please let me know and I will e-mail it to you.

What you can do BEFORE Tuesday 11th January

Please sign this petition if you haven't already.

38 Degrees feel that the businesses behind the factory farm are being clever with the timing of their application and have submitted it just before Christmas hoping it will slip through quietly.  They have reiterated that if the mega dairy does go ahead it will be 30 times bigger than anything the UK has ever seen and make way for more cow factory farms across the country.

Please e-mail the Council directly with your objection at

Visit the Viva website where they provide a template for you to send easily voicing your objection, copy and paste the template and either object online or send it to the e-mail address above.  If you have time, please edit the message to include your own opinions.

Let all your friends on Facebook or Twitter know about this and ask them to do the same, link them to this page where they can get all the information in one place.

I will keep you updated on this, thank you in advance for your help. Best Blogger Tips

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