Saturday, 6 November 2010

Trouble at the Fair

On Bonfire Night there was a firework display and fair just a stones throw away from where we live so we decided to combine Suki's evening walk with a mooch around.  It was crowded and noisy in the park so we didn't stay long and after watching most of the fireworks we headed over to the fair for a toffee apple (Suki was having a lovely time and seemed completely oblivious to the fireworks and more interested in what delights people had dropped on the floor!)  Unfortunately we didn't stay long at the fair either after seeing at least two of the stalls giving away goldfish.  

One of the stalls was selling goldfish along with "Starter Kits" which consisted of small square plastic aquariums, the other stall was giving away bags containing 2 or 3 goldfish as a prize.  We spoke to the people manning the stalls and they seemed perfectly happy to continue with what they were doing.  Giving away goldfish at the fair is not only a very old fashioned practice, it is also cruel and completely unnecessary - what is wrong with cuddly toys?  It was very loud at the fair with bright flashing lights and lots of people, many under the influence of alcohol and who would not be responsible should they have won/purchased the goldfish.  Although it may seem easy to look after a goldfish, they are living creatures with feelings and need proper care and attention.

Under the Animal Welfare Act it is illegal to give a prize fish to an unaccompanied child under 16, but some councils have banned it altogether on their land.  I have written to the Captive Animals Protection Society for some advice of what action to take next so will update you when they respond.

What do you think?
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