Monday, 1 November 2010

Lush Links!

Rabbits!  Happy November! 
(Talking of Rabbits, I have a Rabbit related article coming up later in the week)

I've just had chance to check out the latest Lush Newsletter and I'm so glad I did, as well as gorgeous, cruelty free, hand made products there is a wealth of information which I have been inspired to share with you...

Beautiful Bats (Quite fitting for Halloween) Bats are absolutely fascinating creatures and I will be looking at them a bit more in depth at some point, my boyfriend is studying Biology at University and one of his lecturers is an expert on Bats so I should be able to come up with an interesting article.

Today is World Vegan Day, to celebrate I am going to be vegan for the day.  Well, technically I only realised just before 10am so I will be vegan until 10am tomorrow morning just to make it fair.  I am aiming to become permenantly vegan in the future, once things are more settled and life is a bit less hectic so it's easier to plan meals in advance.  I am vegetarian and carefully consider where my dairy products come from but I do hope to make the switch eventually.   

Why not consider becoming vegan for 24 hours too?  Challenge yourself!

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