Friday, 26 November 2010

Fluffy Friday #12 Special Fur Free Friday Edition

Today is Fur Free Friday so I thought Fluffy Friday should be a tribute to all the beautiful animals cruelly killed for their lovely fur.

Fur Free Friday means that people all around the world will be working hard to educate holiday shoppers about the fur industry.

How to get involved in Fur Free Friday:

Peta are running a petition where you can pledge to be fur free, sign up here.

Peta are also asking people to share their fur expose on your Facebook page by clicking here.

Spread the word to your friends and family and tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter too, wish them a "Happy Fur Free Friday!"

If you know anyone who does wear fur ask them to donate their fur to Peta for them to use in their campaign.

Now for our Friday treat... don't all these animals look beautiful with their fur on?

Raccoon with it's famous striped bushy tail.

Mink and baby Mink.

Harp Seal are killed in their thousands for their fur.

Canadian Black Bear skin is used for the British Foot Guard caps.

Chinchilla, his coat looks better on him.

Fantastic Mr. Fox.

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