Thursday, 11 November 2010

Do you have a few spare seconds?

I've received an alert from the WDCS informing me that in a few weeks the Australian Government will be making a big decision to create the largest network of marine protected areas in the world, this is critical habitat for over 50% of the worlds whales and dolphins.  

Australia has one of the largest marine territories in the world accommodating a large variety of fish, sharks, whales and seals who live in the continent’s submerged mountain ranges, deep sea canyons and reefs. These waters provide refuge for the blue, humpback, and southern right whales, as well as bottlenose, spotted and striped dolphins.  At the moment they are unprotected and the oil and fishing industries are attempting to undermine moves to increase protection.

The Government's decision will set the standard of protection that will then be applied to the rest of Australia’s waters for the next 10 to 20 years.

Australia is asking for International help to ensure the decision goes the right way.  Please take a few seconds to click here and send a readily prepared e-mail to The Hon Tony Burke, MP and Minister for the Environment.

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