Thursday, 18 November 2010

Can you imagine a world without tigers?

Quick! I've left it quite late to update you on this as there is a deadline of 21st November so please act NOW!

There are around 3,200 tigers left in the wild which is an astonishingly small number, this number is falling rapidly as poaching has surged over recent months and the tigers habitat is being lost at a very fast rate.  We can still take action to save the tiger population if we can offer them protection, space and enough food the population can increase as rapidly as they are declining.

From 21st to 24th November the Russian Prime Minister, Putin is hosting the first Heads of Government Tiger Summit hosting the leaders of 13 countries where tigers live and the WWF wish to show the Summit that there is a huge level of public support for political action.  A petition is currently running here with a target of 150,000 signatures and at the moment there are 123,408 so we need to urgently push for more signatures before the weekend.

Please sign the petition and then tell your friends by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace....

This really is important so please spare a minute to quickly add your name to support the future of tigers.
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