Monday, 25 October 2010

Hello Suki!

Despite my vow to keep up with the blog as much as I can I'm afraid I haven't done very well at all, I have made quite a big change in the last month and moved out of home and in with my boyfriend, I have a new home and new job. Ten days after we moved into our flat we added something new to the mix... A dog! She is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and her name is Suki. Isn't she adorable?

We wanted a Staffie in particular because so many of them are being dumped and regrettably having to be euthanised as people aren't rehoming them due to the negative press they have received. We know little about Suki's history, just that she was used for breeding, dumped at the pound and luckily rescued by a charity called Knine and Kitty Rescue. It was technically Suki that found us as Julia from Knine (Suki's foster Mum) saw my boyfriends advert offering to rehome a Staffie and she felt drawn to telephone him.

We went to meet Julia and Suki and immeditaely fell in love with the black and white bundle of fun with her soulful brown eyes and forever wagging tail. We took her home with us for a weeks trail (mainly for her benefit) to see how we all got along. Despite a few flatulance issues and training Suki to not cry when we went to bed we all got along like a house on fire and within a few days had decided we could give her the life she deserved. A few weeks ago we took her to say goodbye to her Foster Mum (we will be keeping in touch) and Suki is now a permenant part of the family and a real character!

We have learnt so much in the past few weeks about Suki and dogs in general. It has been a few years since my beloved Lucky passed away but Suki reminds me of her in so many ways, that adoring look in her eyes, her soft fur, the doggie smell, pink tummy and wagging tail. Like Lucky, Suki wants to cuddle
ALL THE TIME and we are happy to oblige. A few days after we took her home we realised Suki was in heat and although initially didn't have a clue what that meant we now know a lot more about it and although Suki won't be experiencing that again as she is being spayed it was an experience for all of us (it even involved doggie pants!)

I'll be updating you regulary on Suki and Rusty (who I miss terribly) and I have some interesting articles planned for The Animal News so hope to see you here later on.
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