Friday, 29 October 2010

Action Alert ~ Costa Coffee Adverts.

I've received an Action Alert from The Captive Animal's Protection Society (CAPS) with news about Costa Coffee using monkeys in its first televised advertising campaign and have explained "Using primates in such a way has a negative impact on conservation messages as well as risking the welfare of the animals used."  CAPS, along with, Wild Futures, International Primate Protection League, BUAV and Born Free have sent a joint letter to Costa Coffee asking them to cancel further screenings of the advert. 

There is also an article on this in The Observer which points out the although Costa are certified by the Rainforest Alliance their relationship is under strain after questions arose regarding whether Costa was in breach of the Rainforest Alliance's code of conduct which states that certified partners must respect wildlife.  

How You Can Help:

1.  Read the article from The Observer.
2.  Sign the petition
3.  Write a polite e-mail of complaint to Costa Coffee at this address
4.  Write a polite e-mail of complaint to The Advertising Agency
5.  Ask The Rainforest Alliance to take action by sending a polite e-mail here
6.  Tell your friends!

(When I have written my complaints I will add them in to give you some inspiration)

E-mail to Costa Coffee
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing regarding your television advertisement entitled “Monkeys and Typewriters”.  As a long time customer of Costa Coffee I was greatly disappointed that you have chosen to use captive primates to sell your products.  I am shocked that as a company certified by the Rainforest Alliance you risked rebelling against their Code of Conduct in order to produce and air the commercial.
Using captive primates in this way has a very negative impact on conservation messages and also puts the welfare of the primates used at risk.
I would like to inform you that I will no longer be a customer at Costa Coffee whilst this advert is broadcast and whilst your attitude to captive animals is as such.  I will be spreading the word and asking my friends and family to avoid Costa Coffee for the same reason.
Yours faithfully...
Please feel free to use this as a guide and add anything you feel appropriate.  More e-mail suggestions to follow.
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