Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Yet another proposal for intensive farming

You may remember my post back on 29th June about a proposal for an intensive pig farm, well I have just been informed of a proposal made to Powys County Council for a factory farm with a multi storey milking facility enabling it to accommodate around 1,000 cows.

Cows on dairy farms are forced to produce high yields of milk that are frankly unnatural and can result in cows dying of exhaustion. The life expectancy of a cow is around 1 years bur a quarter of dairy cows die before reaching the age of 3. Cows are repeatedly made pregnant to ensure the production of milk and the calves are taken from their mothers after a few days spending their weeks in tiny stalls, if the calves are lucky enough to be female they are used as dairy cows from the age of 15 months. Male calves are either killed at birth or sold to the veal industry.

Factory farming is torture for animals and causes a greater risk of disease for animals, the disease can also spread to humans. Intensive farming such as this also effects the surrounding environment with traffic, noise and bad smells.

Please follow this link that will direct you to a ready prepared letter to Powys County Council objecting to the application and asking them to reject the proposal. If you can spare a few minutes please enter your details and also make add your own thoughts to the letter, changing the title of the letter will also be helpful.

The deadline for registering your objection is 24th September so please make the effort to do this as soon as possible.

Thank you.
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