Wednesday, 14 July 2010


The world has homed in on Spain for the past few weeks in the lead up to the World Cup Final which they won, I myself was in Spain last week (well, Tenerife) so it seems fitting to focus on Spain and to talk to you today about the Spanish equivilent of fox hunting - bullfighting. I noticed a lot of the souveniers over in Spain featured the silouhette of a bull and it made me think about bullfighting and how cruel and unecessary it is.

It amazes me how a human being would want to fight with a huge, horn weilding bull but apparently before entering the ring the bull may be subjected to a range of things such as being given laxatives and suffer beating to the kidneys to weaken him , fed anti inflammatory drugs to mask any injuries. Sometimes muscles in the neck are cut to prevent him lifting his head and also several inches of his horn maybe cut off impairing his coordination and ability to judge distances. Eyes are even smeared with petroleum jelly to blur vision. Not a fair fight at all.

I have found out more but it really is disturbing and in fact so stomach churning that many spectators leave before the end. Even buying a ticket to a bull fight fuels the industry so if you are in Spain then please don't go and watch a bullfight.

What can we do to help bulls? Sign this petition from Peta which asks the Spanish Prime Minister to completely ban bull fighting. If you have time edit the message and tell the Prime Minister how you feel about this.

Edit: When you sign the petition and hit submit it takes you directly to a donation page (this is optional) with some images you may find disturbing.
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