Thursday, 17 June 2010

Lush Anti Fox Hunting Adverts Banned.

Have you ever heard of Lush? If you haven't spotted one of their stores then I bet you will have wondered "What is that delicious smell?" as you inhale some of the delicious scents wafting out of their store in which unique fresh organic handmade cosmetics that are not tested on animals are sold. I will tell you more about the glorious Lush another time but I have been shocked to read that Lush's recent anti hunting campaign adverts have been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) due to a grand total of 129 complaints.

A leaflet by the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) was distributed in Lush stores alongside a postcard by Lush inviting people to forward the postcard to their local police chiefs informing them that despite the hunting ban, people are still hunting.

Lush also held a sales promotion on their website for a Mrs Fox Bubble Bar in which 100% of the proceeds were given to the HSA. (Wow, why didn't I know about this?)

The ASA commented that the complainants raised a range of issued within the campaign including that it unfairly defamed hunts and hunters as well as implying that hunts were intentionally and regularly breaking the law. Also it was argued that the campaign inferred the Hunting Act was not properly enforced and people took particular offence to a claim that "hunting hounds usually lead short lives and are often killed and fed back to the pack" as allegedly this could not be substantiated. Three specific complaints were upheld by the ASA who said there was not enough robust evidence to support the claims that hunts were intentionally and frequently breaking the law, the Hunting Act was not being properly enforced and that hunting hounds were fed back to the pack.

(Fox hunting with dogs is banned so surely if you continue to hunt you are intentionally breaking the law?)

Lush said it regularly undertook animal welfare campaigns and aimed to raise awareness of the 2004 Hunting Act and highlight alleged breaches of the act and its perceived limitations. Also the campaign did not use any graphic or shocking images, bad language or demeaning or abusive names, and believed that customers were unlikely to find the advertising offensive. For Lush's full response to the ASA please take a look here.

I know whose side I'm on. Have a look at some of Lush's gorgeous products which, I repeat, are NOT tested on animals.

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