Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Cinnamon Trust : Jack

The Cinnamon Trust is a National charity (founded in 1985 by Mrs Averil Jarvis and named after her Corgi Cinnamon), that helps the elderly and people who are terminally ill with their pets. The Trust works alongside pet owners to overcome any difficulties they may have in looking after their pet. A network of 15,000+ volunteers has been established to provide practical help with any aspect of day to day care that poses a problem. For example, a volunteer may walk the dog for a housebound owner.

"Pets are warm and intensely loyal. They do not criticise, they boost morale, they help reduce stress by providing emotional security, and they help to provide a fixed routine. Pets have the ability to bring happiness and laughter and lift depression. Communication with other people is often easier when a pet is present for reassurance."

The Trust’s primary objective is to respect and preserve the treasured relationship between owners and their pets. To this end it works in partnership with owners to overcome any difficulties that might arise. A national network of over 15,000 community service volunteers has been established to provide practical help when any aspect of day to day care poses a problem - for example, walking the dog for a housebound owner or perhaps fostering the pet if their owner is taken to hospital.

"The special relationship between owner and pet adds incalculably to the quality of life, but all the pleasures and benefits can be completely neutralised by intense anxiety regarding the fate of their devoted companion should the owner die, fall ill, or have to move to residential accommodation. If an ‘old faithful’ dies, elderly owners are often very reluctant to have another pet for these reasons, and life for them loses much of its warmth, light and purpose."

The Cinnamon Trust also provides long term care for pets whose owners have died or moved to residential accommodation. This is arranged between owners and the Trust to ensure peace of mind. The Trust enables the owner to keep in touch with their beloved companion with visits if at all possible or regular photos and letters.

I have been a voluntary dog walker for the Trust for a few years now, they contact me if there is someone in my local area which requires help. I have just started walking Jack the collie cross for a local man who is unable to walk very well himself. I am a petite 5.1'' build and Jack was so excited to go for a walk he very nearly dragged me on the floor! Seeing the pleasure on his face and his pink tongue hanging out as he trotted round the park was a lovely sight, we came back and he rolled on the grass happily before going inside for a well earned drink of water.

If you would like to volunteer for The Cinnamon Trust or know anyone who may need help with their pet please contact them on 01736 757 900 or via e-mail.

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