Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Animals in the News.

I noticed in yesterdays online edition of The Daily Mail there were a few animal related articles well worth sharing so thought I would post them for you. (Most images are taken from the newspaper article.)

Hedgehog Awareness Week

This article points out that it is in fact Hedgehog Awareness Week until 8th May. This little lady (above) unfortunately has a broken leg but was thankfully discovered in someone’s garden and taken to St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire for treatment and is doing very well.

Did you know our pets can be right or left handed? Even fish!

This is something I’ve not ever considered but apparently animals can be left or right handed. Interestingly, male cats are left handed whilst females (as demonstrated by Dusty, above) are right handed.

Beautiful Wildlife Images taken from the new book entitled Wild Wonders of Europe

For anyone interested in photography there is an interesting look into a new book which has painstakingly explored all the 48 countries of Europe, the variety of wildlife is spectacular. I have saved some of the pictures to my picture slide show screen saver.

An e-mail that will make you say “Ahhhh”

I often receive some interesting animal related e-mails and I just had to share this one with you. It is a story about a dachshund mother who has fostered a little piglet, it really is adorable. I can’t upload all the pictures unfortunately but if anyone would like a copy of the e-mail please leave a comment and I will forward it to you.

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