Thursday, 22 April 2010

Canada's Seal Slaughter

On April 13th Canada’s annual seal cull began to wind down, despite record low ice cover and dwindling support, this years hunt went ahead with a higher quota than previous years. Thousands of seal pups have been brutally killed despite the Canadian governments declarations that the slaughter will be humane.

In 11 months time the slaughter will begin again, this gives us 11 months to work together and stop this once and for all.

There is good news… Last week Peta informed me that despite increasing the allowable catch of harp seals by cull to be scaled back and close early. This proves that tireless work from Animal Welfare Organisations such as Peta, Humane Society of the United States, Respect for Animals and IFAW really is paying off.

It is vital that we keep pressurising Canada to stop the seal cull for good.

Depending on where in the world you live you can do something important to help.

If you live in the EU

Simply enter your details and when you get to the “State” box just select “none”.

If you live in Canada

Your role is very important as you have more of a say than anyone from another country, please do what you can as it will really make a difference. There are several things you can do here and I promise it won’t take you very long at all.

If you live in the USA

Also, please can you complete this pledge and send it to the address at the bottom of the page?

If you have some extra time have a look here at what else you can do to help.

Resources and Futher Information from the HSUS and HSIC.

Pocket Guide to Boycotting Canadian Seafood

More Information

Fast Facts

Myths and Facts

Seals and Fisheries

Economics of the Seal Slaughter

Why the Canadian Government Supports the Seal Slaughter

I’m sorry for the information overload but this should give you everything you need to know about the seal cull and hopefully inspire you to take action.

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